Sunday, November 30, 2003

We all went out to lunch today at L's house. We had a lovely time and all the children got on well for the most part. Today was also the official end to the detox programme (though i have been slack since i started feeling ill on Thursday) so it was nice to try all those forbidden foods once again, though i do keep feeling '..but i'm undoing all that hard work!'. I think i should have taken things a little more slowly though as it is a bit of a shock to the system, certainly the coffee i had this morning was i bad idea. I felt so terrible afterwards, all shaky and sick. I never tollerated caffine well before the detox and only had a coffee about twice a week at most, but now i am wondering if i will even bother with that.
When we got home Emily had time for a bit of a play with Uncle Mark before bedtime and i sat down to make her a birthday card to send into Cbeebies as promised.

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