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Thursday, November 20, 2003

A week since i last posted ,wow! Well what have we been doing??
Friday evening was a trip into town to see the Christmas lights switched on ( it MID November for goodness sake!!!) and Father Christmas was there too but no reindeer like last year which was a bit disappointing.
Saturday we went to Reading to meet up with some friends of ours from London. They were up visiting their parents/inlaws for the weekend. Eating out whilst detoxing is....challenging. It is not too hard as you can have chips and of course salad but not hugely filling or interesting. I have to say i missed my brown rice, lol. Millie was quite subdued and it soon became clear why, by the time we got home she had a temparature. Then by morning she was fine again (amazing how kids bounce back) so we went to Daisy's First birthday party as planned. I was amazed how unbothered she was by all the unfamiliar faces, as it was mainly adults, a little clingy for the first 2 mins then she was away, joining in the fun. I was never like that at her age...or now for that matter! She talks to anyone.

The weather has been grotty this week and so we haven't been out much. Had a trip to Ikea on Tuesday as daddy was going to Bristol for a meeting so we hitched a lift. Millie managed to fall over an bite through her lip whilst we were there :o( So she will have matching scars now as she did a similar thing about a year ago.

I have started making the Christmas cards as i always seem to leave it to the last minute. This year i AM going to be organised [yeah right!] We also made a handprint out of plaster of paris for Millie to give to Nana and Grandad for Christmas and we've been doing loads of general crafty type things (ie. i give her some glue, scissors and old magazines and she sits there for ages)

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