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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Happy Birthday Emily!!

We all had a lovely day. Millie woke early despite having not gone to bed until 11pm last night! had some trouble trying to stall her on the present front until everyone was ready. There was a noticable difference between this year and last regarding the present opening. It was a case of tearing open as many pressies as possible, as quickly as possible. She got lots of lovely things including a teeny keyboard and mouse that i am using ATM, so feel like a giant! Millie's birthday card that we sent in to Cbeebies was read out this morning which was very exciting, "it's me, it's me!" she shouted at the television.

We all went out for lunch to a nice pub in the country and ate far too much. Then we came home and Charlie decorated the gingerbread house and we did the whole "happy birthday" candle blowing bit (a hundred times, lol).


Charlie's Hard Work

1-2-3 Blow

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