Friday, December 05, 2003

We did some baking this morning, bake baking. M has been asking for weeks to make some more Chocolate Crackles and i have been putting her off as they would have been too tempting whilst i was on the detox so today was the day. I said she could lick the bowl out when we'd finished and she did - literally, whole head in ROFL! Afterwards she did all the washing up.
Then we decided to do some craft, so we printed off an angel from DLTK's Christmas Crafts for Kids and decorated with glitter glue (i LOVE this stuff) foil, sequins and cotton wool. They are drying ATM so i will take a photo when we have assembled them. M was really absorbed by it. Normally when we do any form of sticking she is all done in 5mins. I think she needs some kind of direction for her to really throw herself into it - a bit like me really.

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