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Sunday, February 15, 2004

I forgot to say earlier in the week that i was so impressed with Kirsty's numbers that i thought i would make some to go up our stairs too. Since putting them up Millie has now started counting backwards!!!

A busy day for us all today. Emily went out in the garden with Daddy this morning and didn't come in until lunchtime....looking like a right grubby urchin. I think she had been eating mud by the look of her face! Whilst they were busy outside i did a load of baking for the freezer, so i now have a stack of "ready meals" :o)

We watched Shrek in the afternoon (how many times it that now???) and Mouse very nearly dropped off to sleep about teatime, she was sooooo tired but i managed to keep her awake. We had a story marathon after tea then up to bed. She fell asleep whilst i was reading her bedtime story (first time ever???), bless. She is often awake for ages after we put her to bed, so it was nice to see her tired at bedtime for a change.

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