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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Emily remained unwell for most of last week, recovering only on Thursday in the nick of time as we had planned a visit to Nana and Grandad's for the weekend.

Mick had a meeting in Leicester scheduled for Friday, so the plan was that we would all go and he would drop off E and myself at my brothers for the day while he went to his meeting and then on to my parents from there.

We went away on Thursday night in the end and spent the night in a motel as thought of getting up at 5am did not thrill any of us very much. E found the whole thing a real adventure, lol. Think she thought we were going on holiday! Mick dropped us off at my brother's at 8.30ish and we spent the day there with him and his girlfriend which was lovely. They had got a cat since our last visit so E was thrilled (poor Jake didn't get a minutes peace). We got to Mum and Dad's at about 7.30pm and Emily was once again very excited as we hadn't seen them since the beginning of February.

So far this week we have been in the garden a fair bit. Tidying up and getting ready for planting. The frogspawn is coming along nice...though is very tempting to Emily.We have been reading more of Matilda and MMM and we have finished the life sized Emily cutout that we started last week.

emily cutout

We stuck on some organs and labels and sponge painted it (???)

Tomorrow i have a free morning as Emily is going to a friend's house to play! I have booked a hair appointment as i am desparately in need of a cut but apart from that i don't know what i will do, it will be strange!

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