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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Waited in all morning for the Opitec order to arrive. So we now have loads of plastic eggs and marbling paint to have fun with tomorrow :o)

Went to the library after lunch but dd fell asleep before we even got there, so i made my returns and left. Managed to get some Easter stuff bought before she woke up so we can do an egg (actually choc ducks) hunt for her on Sunday. We don't celebrate Easter but DP insisted on doing a hunt for her last year and she enjoyed it so much i can see it will become an annual thing (as much for him as for dd). Emily doesn't understand what it is all about though. SIL was telling how H, her dd (just 5), had been doing about Easter at school and how H had said the Tooth Fairy was Jesus' mum and Father Christmas was his dad, ROFL!!! Cute.

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