Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I don't post for a few days and what happens???Blogger decides to relaunch and confuse me. Still i am sure i will get used to it shortly.

Not been on the PC much of late so I am behind with everyones blogs, will have to do a quick tour of them before dd wakes up.

What have we been up to?

Friday was spent over at a friends which was lovely, dd was still not 100% energy wise and yet had nothing wrong with her. Saturday was Pilates for me in the morning. Then we nipped into Reading to get dd some sandals for holiday. She ended up getting quite a few other bits too. Sunday was a mooching around day. We had planned to take Emily to the park so she could ride her bike but the moment we got into town it started raining - typical.

Yesterday we went to an open evening at a local Montessori nursery. We hadn't planned on sending dd to any kind of nursery but would definitely consider this one. It had a lovely feel to it and the staff were clearly passionate about their work. I know it would be very benifical to dd and would hopefully give her a good grounding in the materials so that we can continue at home once she turns 5. Now we just have to sort out the logistics of getting her there and back, hmmmm.

Finally one last piece of news, i'm pregnant :o) Found out last wednesday and wasn't going to say anything for a while as i am only 6wks but i'm hopeless at secrets and have already told quite a few people. I feel great apart from a real lull in energy from the afternoon onwards.

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