Thursday, May 06, 2004

Quick update as dd has gone back to bed and is sound asleep!!!

Monday was a total washout - literally. The weather looked pretty grim when we got up but the rain had slowed to a drizzle by the time we were ready to go out. So I took dd into town for the Crafty Craft Race and Mick stayed behind to continue sanding the floor in the hall. By the time we reached the town centre the rain was worse so we loitered round the shops for a bit hoping the rain would ease up soon - it didn't. Got to the park, where everything was happening, and we were both freezing cold and soaked. Despite this Emily wanted to go some rides before we left so I let her go on three before calling Mick and asking him to come and rescue us!!! Typically by the afternoon the sun was shining and while not quiet glorious it was a darn site better than it had been that morning.

Tuesday we hitched a lift with Mick who was going to Bristol for work. He dropped us off at IKEA and came to collect us later. Emily wanted to go in the ballroom straight away. It was only the second time she's been in so its novelty hasn't yet worn off. I managed to get quite a bit done while she was in there (without worrying constantly like I did the first time) I had told the assistant in the ballroom to page me if she wanted out before the 45mins was up but she was fine, I missed her more than she missed me I think. She had made a friend and had had a marvellous time. We left IKEA 6 hours after we arrived, ROFL!!!! Must be some kind of record I think, and I managed to stay sane throughout ;o)

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