Thursday, June 24, 2004

A rotten day :o( Started off badly by having very little sleep only to be made worse by DP needing to go to London, so an early start. I eventually got back to sleep only to be woken at 7.15 by Emily wanting her morning milk. Now there is a whole routine to her milk. Firstly she asks Mick to go and fetch it, while he does this she has to hide and then he has to say "oh no! where is emily??" in a shocked manner. She then jumps out and says "BOO" and all is fine for her to then drink her milk (yes - every morning and every evening, it is as tedious as it sounds).

So she woke up and of course was upset straight away that Daddy wasn't there (she had been warned) not only that but he had put her milk on the bedside table to save me from having to get up. This caused an almightly meltdown and i SO wasn't in the mood to deal with it as i was exhausted. She was yelling at me to take the milk down and bring it back up again and i was being just as stubborn as she was i'm afraid. In the end i decided to get up and make a cuppa while she was busy still having her tantrum. A few minutes later she came down and left the cup of milk with me then ran upstairs to hide [sigh].

Then after her milk she was happily playing in her playroom and when asked if she wanted her breakfast she replied not yet. I was starving so went down to have mine. When she found out she had another meltdown because i had got dressed before her and she wanted me to get undressed so she could get dressed first??????

The day continued pretty much in the same vein as that until Mick got home and she was an angel from then on, typical!

I was in the bath this evening and Emily came to use the loo. As she was sitting there she said "Mummy your tummy looks VERY big, I think there might be a baby inside it!" lol. Solves the problem of what to say tomorrow ;o)

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