Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Last week....

We bought a climbing frame for the garden, took practically the whole weekend to assemble, grrr but we did manage to fit in a swim session on Sunday morning. First time we'd been since holiday and it went rather well. we are going to try to make it a regular Sunday thing.

Monday-we had D over for the morning. Good "big Sister" practice for Emily.

-Mick picked SIL and dd up from the airport. SIL had a nap to catch up before the drive home and dd had a wonderful time playing with her cousin which meant i got loads of cooking done - bread, big pan of soup and not-sausage rolls, good freezer stand-bys :o)

-i have no idea what we did...

- a trip to the library. Got...

Courtney by John Burningham
The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler
The classic Tales of Brer Rabbit Retold by David Borgenicht
and The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams Bianco, which i have trouble reading without blubbing (must be hormones, lol)

afternoon we had a houseful. H,P and D came round as L was going away for the w/end. I had made fairy cakes for them to decorate but only P wanted to do it. Emily didn't want to because H didn't and D was asleep! Still P had a great time and had pick of the decorations.

Emily went to the cinema for the first time to see Shrek 2. Mick took her, they went with P and H and their Dad whilst i looked after D. Unfortunately it all went a bit pear shaped and they ended up leaving before the end of the film. This was a good excuse to take her again, after swimming on Sunday, as i wanted to see it too :o)

We got the Geomags out today at dd's request. Haven't used them for ages as i thought she was a bit young last time (more interested in chucking the ball bearings around the room) but today was much more successful. She managed to build cubes and triangular based pyramids (with a bit of instuction) and had lots of fun inventing her own shapes and exploring magnetism.

After lunch we made chocolate brownies as we had to stay in and wait for the British Gas man. She was exhausted after this so i put on Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I thought it would be an interesting comparison for her as DP has just finished reading "Charlie" to her.

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