Thursday, August 26, 2004

Bit of a Montessori update....

We have been following a Montessori approach since dd was about one and a half. Just recently she has become really into the materials and will sit and do one after another. I am quite amazed by this!! The other day she sat down and worked with the sound cylinders, the spindle box, did the whole box of lowercase sandpaper letter and then wanted me to show her the digraphs!!!
At the beginning of the summer we put her name down for a local Montessori nursery, i was a bit unsure at the time but now i think she will love it. however, I'm not quiet sure that *i* am quiet ready for it though, lol. She is supposed to be starting in two weeks and i haven't even had one driving lesson - eek.

Got my Opitec catalogue today [grin].

must also say thanks to DP for sorting out my Nav bar problems :o)

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