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Monday, October 25, 2004

Well by the time i managed to get downstairs this morning dd had already made this lovely pattern using her HAMA beads!


After that she played on the PC whilst i did my pilates, something i have been very lazy about of late, but plan to do it religiously from now on - yeah right!

After that we did a bit of craft. Our Baker Ross order arrived yesterday (on a Sunday???) so Emily decorated some of the little boxes i bought. I'm not quite sure what we are going to use them for yet but she *so* enjoyed doing the one that came with the MudPud Christmas Craft kit last year, i thought i'd get some more!


Just before lunch we managed to squeeze in some Geomag time. I was instructed to build an aeroplane but failed miserably.

Went to the library and park after lunch - in the car. Would never drive there normally but i am trying to venture out at least once every couple of days. Emily is currently watching a bit of TV and i am going to sit down and have a cuppa :o)

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