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Friday, December 10, 2004

Lazy old me here again, back for one of my increasingly sporadic posts!!

All is well here, i'm now almost [checks baby ticker] 37 weeks, so nearly in the clear for a homebirth should babe decide to come early [ha, fat chance!]. Everyone keeps telling me how small my bump is but am now starting to feel quiet huge, being only 5'2". Although i am not suffering in any way, thankfully.

The reason for lack of posts is partly because i have been really busy of late trying to get everything sorted for Emily's Birthday/Christmas/the birth but also we haven't really done much worth blogging!
We made and Advent Chain the other week, which is proving very popular. Although i am finding it alarming how quickly it is disappearing (been having to count the links as i keep thinking Emily *must* be taking more than one/day off, but no).

Advent Chain

Advent Chain

I discovered the reason for Emily's sudden interest in reading and writing, she has been doing Moveable Alphabet work at nursery. She is coming along really well, i am amazed. This is what she wrote while i was having my cup of tea the other morning!


The reading thing seems to have just clicked with her. Before i would sound out words but she would have no idea what they were - could n't see the connection but now she is getting them right most of the time.

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