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Friday, April 22, 2005

Emily did some work with the red rods this morning-before breakfast! Actually this is her most productive time (and a child of mine!!!). She will often read books to me in bed, do some writing etc while I lie and have my morning cuppa.
When she had finished she measured each rod using the Connecting Camels.

After breakfast she did some more Study Dog. She just has the last lesson to complete now so will have to download level 2.

Got a call from a friend late morning, her smallest had a bit of tissue stuck up her nose and so had to be taken to A&E. So middle child, P, came to stay with us which Emily was highly delighted about as they are best of friends.

As it was such a beautiful afternoon I put Isaac outside in the pram for a sleep - he slept for 3 hours :o) Which meant I had time to bake Raspberry & White choc chip Muffins, yum.

The girls entertained themselves happily playing Princesses and the like until P's mum returned with youngest and eldest. Kids all disappeared off into the garden and us mums had a nice cup of tea and a chat.

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