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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Emily is back to nursery today. It seems like she has been at home for weeks, i will miss her today as she has been great fun these past few weeks. She seems to have turned a corner and is back to her usual self (behaviour wise). Perhaps her grottiness over the past few months had a lot more to do with Isaac's arrival than i thought? Although she has always been perfectly sweet to him, it has just been DH and i that she has taken it out on. Or perhaps it was just an age thing? Who knows....

We have been quite busy over the holidays with trips to my parents and them coming us. We have had parties galore (3 in the past week!) and the odd day out as well as the usual meets with friends. The house is a complete bombsite and i am supposed to be sorting it out today but, well...i got distracted by the PC, again ;o)

going to try and read a few blogs now before Isaac wakes.

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