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Monday, May 16, 2005

Emily played StudyDog as soon as she was up and dressed. When she was on level 1 she did it independently, but needs much more help now she is on level 2. Pretty sure a lot of it is too advanced for her but she keeps having a go so i am not going to discourage her - though she does get in a real strop with it at times, lol.

After this we were going to make biscuits. Weighed all the ingredients out and then discovered that we didn't have any eggs - sigh (In fact i have only just made them at 10pm!) So she did some sticking instead and made a twirly spiral thingy?!?!?! covered in sequins that you hang in a window for a glitterball effect. She also made a pom pom pig.

Geomags were played with again, they are becoming a daily obsession and of course stories read.

Isaac slept, fed, played with his toes (repeat until bedtime)

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