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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Well it's June already - how'd that happen????????

Half a year into being "mum of two" and i am still crap at managing my time. Isaac doing really well. Thinking about starting solids soon as he is very interested but it's kind of sad y'know. Happy but sad- am making no sense i know!

Emily had her parents evening at nursery last week and got a glowing report,"what a delight she is to have around", clearly she hasn't thrown any wobblers there then ;o) To be fair to her they are getting much fewer nowadays and she *is* a delight most of the time and a lot of fun. J,her KW, said she is doing really well with her reading but her writing is weaker - which we knew. Though they are obviously not worried, after all she is still only 4! I know she is not so keen on writing as she finds it quite hard. It has a lot to do with being left handed i think, as she can't see what she is writing. J is going to give us some info on left handers to help us be more aware of things that could help her.

Got a great selection of books from the Bookpeople last week including Usborne pocket science collection. We have read several already, she especially enjoyed the dinosaur one so a potential future prioject there i think. Also got a set of computer books. Emily started looking at the Excel one on Monday and decided she wanted to do a bar chart and a pie chart. I told her we needed to collect some info first and the first thing i thought of was a traffic survey - not very original i know. Still, she thought this was great fun. I found this site which has a printable tick sheet with pictures of the different kinds of traffic. It also has a very easy "make your own graph" section which she managed to do all by herself. We have started doing it in Excel but is a bit more lengthy as she is doing all her own typing.

We went to a local wood last weekend which we all really enjoyed - well Isaac slept through it! We got to see a deer run straight across our path (unfortunately too quick for a photo) and wild horses. The horses/ponies? had 3 foals which Emily was delighted to see so close. Can't beieve we've been here 3 years and that was our first visit.

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