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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Well looks like we won't be getting the extension after all :o( Got a quote back from the builder and it is three times our budget. Really annoyed that are first architect led us to believe it was possible. What a waste of 18mths, not to mention the money paid in fees and to the council.

Have to now decide whether to get plans redrawn on a *much* smaller scale and go through the whole planning process again or move. I REALLY don't want to move. While the house is not perfect (space wise), i love the garden (decent sized gardens seem hard to come by) and the location is great (not overlooked). Sulking now >:o(

On an educational note....
Emily continues to amaze me with her reading. I got a simple reader from the library for her to try and she stormed through it, only getting stuck on 'here'. She really surprised herself too i think. She is doing more writing now also but still struggling. She has a rather unconventional pen hold which, combined with gripping and pressing too hard, has given her a blister!
I got some Cuisenaire Rods of Ebay last week. They are the connecting kind with divisions so i am hoping i will be able to use them instead of the bead stair.

Got to go, Isaac crying!

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