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Monday, July 11, 2005

In the past week we have....

...visited a local farm park, which went down enormously well. Dd got to feed a lamb - which she loved, and ride a pony. I held a chick and felt very brave about it!

...met up with HEing friends at a local nature reserve. Talked about things we could do with the chiddlers when they get a bit bigger, groups we can attend etc.

...been to ballet for the last time this term. Parents were allowed in to watch the whole session which was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it, hilarious at times!

...had a sleepover. E's friend P came over Friday and stayed until saturday. They had lots of fun but not much sleep.

...been bored stupid by conservatory sales people - The worst was here for 4 (yes FOUR) hours!!!!! this is another option we are looking into as far as the extension goes.

...continued with Exeter Maths (did i even blog we'd started it?) Anyway, it's going down a storm. Cuisenaire Rods have also proved popular too.

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