Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy New Year and all that

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Ours was good but could have been more enjoyable if we had been more organized (I think Mick and I sat down only once together before Christmas day, and that was to wrap presents!) Also, Emily was ill from Isaac's birthday to New Year which spoilt things for her slightly. Thankfully she was up and down enough to enjoy things most of the time, although she had a temperature at some point everyday for nearly two weeks!

So yes, this year we are going to start birthday/Christmas preparation in July I think as it was all too much.

Other news...
I took Emily to the Dr last week as she's had a cough for about a month. They have put her on an inhaler :o( it is only on a trial basis, for a fortnight, but it does seem to have improved things. I was also worried about her tiredness (this has been going on for months and months and I have spoken to the Dr about it before) I am concerned she might be anemic (being a vegetarian that doesn't eat a *proper* vegetarian diet!) so i took her for a blood test on Tuesday, should get the results this week. Wasn't nice but i had to put my mind a rest.
Montessori started again, this really will be Emily final term there. She had her birthday celebration there on Thursday which was really nice, they do such a nice ceremony.

Today is my birthday, I've had a lovely day. Emily made me loads of cards and helped Mick make a cake (Boston Cream Pie - which was yummy). We all went out to lunch then spent the afternoon playing Eye toy. Must go to bed now, one of my goals for 2006 was to be in bed by 11.30pm...not doing very well on that one.

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