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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Well that was a shock...

Emily is following in Big's footsteps.
She announced a week ago that she had a wobbly tooth. I felt it and it did seem a bit wobbly but told her it would probably take ages before it fell out - not so! I was cleaning Isaacs teeth last night, Emily was larking about when suddenly she burst into tears, "My tooth has come out!". I couldn't believe it.

I seem to remember having teeth hanging on by a thread before they finally gave up and fell out, it wasn't even as though she did anything to make it come out. So once she got over the shock of it she was quite happy about it all :o) It was apparently the first thing she said to everyone at Montessori this morning.
I feel a bit sad, she is growing up too quickly.
I'll post a pic later.


dawniy said...

exciting time for the tooth fairy though!!! x

mummynat said...

My little Vivs only just wobbley!! She can't wait till it falls out.

Your children are beautiful, and i bet Emily looks so sweet with her little gap.

Jax said...

Big's had another one go since then, can't believe how grown up she looks suddenly.