Sunday, February 26, 2006

Not been around much as my Mum has been staying this week, which was nice. I managed to get various jobs done that i have been wanting to do for ages such as tidying out the playroom and sorting my craft cupboard. Not very exciting but feels good to have them out of the way. Also i have made some more pink language materials for Emily and all but finished the South America pin map/continent folder materials.

Emily is finding the pink language material very easy so i think she is ready to go onto the blue. I suspect she has done some already at nursery. Speaking of nursery i have noticed such a difference between last week and this in terms of what we have achieved. We did loads last week (1/2 term), there was such a nice flow to things. This week we have hardly done a thing. I will be sad when she leaves the Montessori next month *but* i know it will be a lot easier for us in terms of finding our rhythm.

Anyway, big news for this week is that Isaac took his first step today. He's had several attempts at walking and he gets so excited, very sweet to watch. He has been standing for a while now but has only just started getting his confident about walking. He has this look on his face like "i can really do this!".


Jax said...

Wahey Isaac!

Found your comment and emailed you - did you get it?

Nicki said...

No i didn't get it Jax, probably the over entusiastic spam filter! Off out now but i'll check when we get back.

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