Wednesday, March 08, 2006


After reading "I came, I saw..." in Britannia the other day I thought it might be good to do a bit of a mini project on the Romans. We have been making use of the BBC site, various worksheets and ideas there. Emily really surprised me by grasping the whole Roman numerals thing really well on the "Shopping" worksheet. There is this game too. E hasn't played it yet as i though it might be too fast for her - she's not keen on beat the clock type games.

We made some Roman coins decorated cut outs of Roman pots and made jewellery like these. We printed them off onto gold card and decorated with sequins as we'd run out of plastic gems! There are other good things on this site too worth a look.

We talked about Roman soldiers like the one in the story then did the BBC worksheet and played Dress the Soldier. Followed this by talking about Gladiators in the least gruesome way i could! You can look around a virtual Roman fort here.
I printed off some colouring pages of Roman dress and then i dressed E up as a Roman lady as best i could with what we had to hand.

Although i knew emily has enjoyed the activites we've done i wasn't sure how much she'd actually learn. It was really just meant as a taster but i was very surprised to hear from Mick that she was telling him all about Roman life on the way to nursery this morning.

Other useful sites...
Roman Bath Webquest
and Game
Online Mosaic Maker
Plan of a Roman House
Make your own Roman Crafts (and other stuff)

Books we are using...
Usborne Beginners - Romans
I Wonder Why....The Roman Wore Togas
How Would You Survive as an Ancient Roman?
Usborne Time Travellers - Rome and Romans
120 Great History Projects (bought from WHSmith for a fiver :o)

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