Sunday, April 23, 2006

Easter holidays are officially over now. We went away to Mum and Dad's last week and got to stay 6 days, which was really nice, as Mick took some holiday. Isaac (then Dad) became ill with a jippy tummy while we were there but we still had a nice time.
Emily was so upset to leave, it is such a shame we don't live closer as the four and a half hour drive means visits are fairly infrequent :o(

We have made visits to the library (to pay yet more fines - why is it i always remember to check the books the day after they were due back???? ), to HE friends and non HE friends so have been fairly sociable since returning home.

Weekend has been spent tidying the house (boring) and finishing off Emily's bedroom (shelves and curtains went up finally). We didn't redecorate as i rather like it as it is. Emily would love it to be turned into a mermaid themed room but i am reluctant to spend hours painting mermaids on the wall for her to change her mind in a few months - meeny?
Tomorrow is our HE meet up with our (so far) teeny local group and ballet starts again this week. It will seem funny not having the made post school rush...but nice :o)

Isaac has gained a few more teeth (Molars - which was painful for all) and is nearly there with his walking. He looks so proud of himself as he toddles along.

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Alison said...

We had some big stick-on, easy peel-off dalmatian stickers in one of the kids' room a while back - I'm sure you could get something mermaidy like that.

Looking forward to meeting you soon, when I get round to sorting out the farm visit ...