Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Here are the pictures of the teapot and mug Emily and i did for her teachers. Emily did the mug all by herself, except for the outlines and the name on the handle. I think it came out brilliantly. There is something delicious to me about a child's artwork preserved like this. I will have to get her to do one for me!

The teapot was for the staff room and so has all the activities she enjoyed during her time at nursery as well as some pictures of the Montessori materials. I had to do most of this as we were short on time, though Emily did a fair bit of the painting in as well as adding some beautiful illustrations of her own - my favourites are the pictures of herself and her friends.


Little Minx said...

Fantastic present! They will be treasured I'm sure.

Jules said...

That is brilliant! What a special present :-)

Alison said...

They're lovely! And what a great idea :)

Nicki - I don't know if you're on the BerksHE list, but I posted on it this week about arranging a meet-up in May at the Children's Action Farm - would you be interested in coming along? Would be good to finally meet you three after so long, lol!