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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The sleepers for the garden arrived Friday so we moved them into the back garden at the weekend - very heavy, i still ache! Didn't really do much at the weekend. The chiddlers pootled around doing *stuff*, Emily played on Education City, which i had completely forgotten about until it was mentioned recently, we will definitely be signing up for it.
**UPDATE** We have now signed up - Thank you for the code Jenny!

Both had fun with the Playdoh,

a first for Isaac!

... and then fun with the shredded paperwork Mick had been busy creating.

Yesterday we did lots of stuff on 2D and 3D shapes, which E told me she really enjoyed because it was easy! She made these models using the Geomags.

We also did another Greek Myth which she wrote up in her picture storybook, did a bit of workbook english and practiced word lists 5 and 6. It was then time for lunch and a trip out to see friends. Isaac and I stayed for a while then came home leaving E behind for a sleepover.

Look what arrived in the post for me, lots of yummy fabrics :o)


dottyspots said...

Oooh, lovely fabric - what are you planning to do with it?

Nicki said...

I'm not quite sure really - bit of a serial fabric buyer...sometimes i daren't actually cut into it, lol.

dottyspots said...

LOL! I get like that about some yarn - I buy it and it sort of sits there in boxes and drawers. Occasionally I lay it all out on the bed and stroke it lovingly (and yes, in my head a sarcastic rendition of 'my precious' from LOTR is playing - I AM that sad! :0)

I really, really want to improve my sewing skills but am rather cowed by my sewing machine. My aim is to make a series of colourful skirts for myself, but I never... quite... get... round... to... it...