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Thursday, February 08, 2007


I love snow....when i can stay at home.

This is the first time we've had more than a sprinkle in about 4 years i think so we *had* to go out. Emily was desperate to build a snowman and had a great time.

Isaac was unsure, but did manage a smile for the camera.

Things have been pretty quiet lately as both chiddlers have had chickenpox. They are much improved today so i think they are over the worst of it.
A good job, as i have spent too much online as a result of a) being stuck in the house and b) E & I not wanting to do anything but sleep/watch tv.
I bought Mick's birthday present but the rest were for me! A Bookpeople order, this from Etsy and these long awaited lovelies from Wee Wonderfuls along with the kitty/bear/bunny pattern as Emily informed me, (after i was to set work on Olive and Archie) that she didn't want Olive. She never has been into dolls, which is a shame for me as i love making them. So she's getting a bunny instead - so we're both happy :o)


Jax said...

ooh, hello! Hadn't realised you were blogging again - took me a minute to work it out with the new look!

Good to have you back :)

Nicki said...

ROFL i know its been a loooong time!

jax said...

if you want to come back out of hibernation on the ring you're very welcome you know, I can send you the code over again :)