Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Civil War at the Museum

Our local museum is a great place to take the kids - well Emily, as Isaac would trash the place in five minutes - on a Saturday morning. Most Saturdays they have some activities to keep the little 'uns busy whilst importing a piece of historical knowledge.

This week the museum had teamed up with a local English Civil War society who were around town to promote themselves and to drum up a bit of support and local interest.

The society had provided some traditional costumes of the time for children to try on to get an idea of how people used to live. Also on display was replica armour and weapons including guns and long pikes.

Emily spent the morning making a model castle based on Donnington Castle, and then got dressed up.

We then stopped off for coffee and cakes at Nero and sat by the canal to enjoy a well earned treat before being summoned home for a spot of luncheon.

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