Thursday, September 13, 2007


I'm suffering. I spent most of last week in pain thanks to one of my wisdom teeth. You see they hadn't come through on one side, they were lurking under the gum. They have been happy like this for years but it seems they have recently decided it's time for a final push to the surface and have broken the gum - but only just. This means there is a tiny little hole for things to get stuck in - lovely. So i've been on antibiotics for the past week and it all cleared things up nicely (but with the usual side effect of making me feel even worse). I experienced two pain free days ...and now it has happened again! I'm so hacked off. I expect I'll have to have it removed, which scares the hell out of me.

Since summer finally decided to show it's face we have been spending a fair amount of time in the garden so the usual school type activities have been pushed aside for more physical activities and nature study.Although Emily has finished her Volcano lapbook and is loving her times tables at the moment. Isaac is really into his jigsaws and will happily spend hours a day doing them over and over :o)


dottyspots said...

Ooooh, painful. I've had mine out as they were either growing into other teeth or into my cheek. I had to have a general anaesthetic and whilst they were at it they also removed part of the bone in my jaw - not an enjoyable experience, but much much better than the pain they were causing, so if you have to have them out, try to focus on that!

Nicki said...

They had to remove part of the bone in your jaw!!! OMG Nikki, that sounds painful. But you are right, if i do need it doing (which i suspect is highly likely) it will be much better once done. Now i just have to try and get an appointment on Monday, had no luck last week :o(

obeerg said...

I was told i needed mine out to - this was several years ago and I haven't been back to the dentists since!!
I am well aware of the problem though - lots of pain, but being a real coward I just poke around at mine and wait for it to stop, which it does much sooner now (like it only hurts for a few hours, before my body sorts itself out - so fingers crossed,it'll stay that way!! I don't want surgery! I hope you feel better soon

Anonymous said...

arrgghhh! Been there, lots of times (6 days of agony at a time!) even so ... chickened out (crazy?) ... abcesses, etc ... tried homoeopathy, successfully, and now have annoying wisdom teeth (chomp my cheek frequently) and more crooked teeth! LOL!
But, like I said, chickened out!!!

Very reassuring what Dottyspots says about jaw removal!!!
Also, what put me off was some info the dentist gave me about risk of damaging a seriously important nerve somewhere (they have to tell you these things!) ... can't remember what the nerve did, but didn't fancy losing it .... lost my nerve ... but more to do with seeing people who had just had them out!!!!
Have really heard lots of mixed reports. For some it has been really ok, for others really bad,

Whatever you can bring yourself to do ..... TAKE LOTS OF ARNICA@!!!*!**!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!** and Hypericum is a life saver for tooth pain! And if you are not into homoeopathy, bet you'd massage camel dung on it if you thought it might work, if I remember what the pain was like accurately enough!

And hope you have more courage than me!

(((((((Serious compassion coming your way!)))))))

Anonymous said...

Heh Nikki, your two look strangely like my (current) youngest two children!!! Your little guy looks just like Freya, hair and all!

Anonymous said...

also just realized how old your post is! Hope you survived!

dottyspots said...

Funnily enough I also had to sign a release form accepted there might be damage to the nerve and I might not regain some feeling in that part of my face.

I was in so much pain I wasn't going to argue!

I hope you're ok Nicki!