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Friday, January 04, 2008

Condensed Round-Up

We had a lovely Christmas up at my mum and dad's. We had about a week and a half which was excellent. I really needed a break! We met up with loads of family I hadn't seen in ages, had plenty of cuddles with our newest nephew, ate lots of yummy things, drank plenty of wine and generally had a nice time doing nothing - something of a rarity in our house. The children got so many presents, I still haven't found homes for them all. My parents got Emily her own laptop which she is thrilled about and gets very grumpy if she catches me using it! She is looking forward to using it for her work as well as play. Isaac got more cars and trains which he adores, he is building quite a collection now.

We didn't do anything special for New Year. Not that we do normally, my New Year always begins on Boxing Day. I think it's because I'm usually so busy with birthday and Christmas preparations, from about October, that Boxing Day is the first opportunity i get to think about anything else.

Yesterday was an early start as i had to be at the hospital for 8am to have a minor op. I was really nervous but it wasn't as bad as i imagined and i was home again by 2pm. It gave me the perfect excuse to lounge around on the sofa while Mick brought me cups of tea :o)

Today was Isaac's first full morning at Montessori. He seemed to have had a lovely time. The teachers were pleased to see Emily again, and have invited her to go back to do a "teaching" session which i'm sure she would love.

Sorry no photos I had a near disaster when taking them off the camera and haven't had a chance to sort them out yet.

Happy New Year!

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CJ said...

Just wanted to say how I pop by now and again to read your blog, I always find it interesting.

Thought you might like a tip about your Education City code, if you put the word 'discount' in your blurb on the side bar it may pull in more hits. I had an EC code, and when people googled they used the word discount in relation to Education City. I've used my code all up mainly from that source.

Hope it helps.