Friday, January 11, 2008

Drawing With Children - Lesson 2, level 3


Carousel Horse in Felt tips and Aquarelle pencil

Emily started this back in November but it has been tucked away in the drawer since then. She spent the last couple of days finishing it off as she is keen to get onto the still life lesson. I think she has done a lovely job and she is really pleased with it.
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JF&A said...

We think it's beautiful
very well done Emily
we look forward to seeing
some more Nana & Grandad xxxjunfrances55

Melissa Goodsell said...

Talk about gorgeous...So pretty. I love your choice of colours Emily!

Anonymous said...

We have this book! It is fabulous. I've been meaning to do some with my guys, but I've not been getting round to it. I just saw it on the shelf about an hour before I read this post! Lani was fascinated with this carousel horse and drew one too.
Emily has done a GREAT job of it, I think. I thought at first it was you who had drawn it!
It is amazing how well the method works!

Nicki said...

Thanks for the lovely comments. I read them out to emily and she was thrilled! Yes, it's a great book Sally. It really suits emily's style of learning.

CJ said...

Hi Nicki,

That is a lovely picture, a picture Emily can be proud of.

Can I just ask, is this the book by Mona Brooks?

If it is, does it do lesson plans in it, or do you follow something along the lines of this here?

By the way, I've noticed about 3 times on my stat counter, that people have been looking for EC discount code, it seemed a bit daft having a redundant code in my blog, so I've just put your code in my slot, do let me know when it get's used up, then I can change it again. If you don't want me to do it just let me know.


Nicki said...

Hi CJ, yes, it's the Mona Brooks one. It gives step-by-step instuction to complete a drawing by breaking it down into its smaller parts (curved line/dot/circle etc.) It would suit anybody that gets overwhelmed easily. If you want any more info feel free to email me.

Thanks for putting our EC code up on your site - i really appreciate that :o)

CJ said...

Thanks Nicki,

have just ordered the book :-)

CJ x

Jax said...

we've enjoyed that mona brookes book in the past, and would do again if I could find where I've put it :(