Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lazy Weekend

Both Isaac and myself were stuffed full of cold on Friday so he didn't go to nursery. We had friends over in the afternoon which was lovely. The children played nicely while us mums sat and drank tea!

In the evening Emily went to her first disco! I don't think I mentioned that Emily has now started Brownies (and loves it!), well it was the district disco. She had a fabulous time by the sound of it - can't wait for the next.

On Saturday D came over to play for the morning. We were supposed to be going shoe shopping in the afternoon but the girls were so happy playing we decided to stay put. Isaac wasn't really up to venturing out anyway. I wasted the day doing goodness knows what, i was supposed to be sewing.

Sunday was lovely. We went out to the woods so Emily could have a go on her bike. Isaac took her scooter but soon dumped it in favour of stick collecting.

More on flickr....

Emily did the birdwatch after lunch, Isaac watched Brum, Mick cooked dinner and I pottered around much as I had on Saturday!


CJ said...

Hi Nicki,

Just wondering if your EC code has been used as I've recently had a couple of visitors to my site looking for EC discount codes.

Also I've changed my url from motherbear to this one

Wierdly someone has taken my old one on, and it's now full of rubbish!

Love the photo, of Emily looking at the bread on the rack! It's a great shot, you really captured her surprise well.

Reading my Mona Brooks art book, and really enjoying it.

CJ x

Nicki said...

Yes, i had two people this week! I thought they must have used it via your site, so many thanks :o)
Do they let you know when you are up to your limit?

Glad you are enjoying the Mona Brooks book!

CJ said...

Hi Nicki,

I've tried once already to reply, but it got swallowed up!

Great news, your code has been used :-)

As far as I'm aware EC only lets your code be used 4 times which equals a year.

Mine got used awhile ago, the trouble is keep sending me my code to use, but it doesn't work. You may find that happens too.

Let me know when it's all used up, then I'll take it down and put someone elses up.

CJ x

Nicki said...

Sure, no problem.