Thursday, October 16, 2008

Busy busy busy

Activities are in full swing once again.

Both children are now doing football on Thursday mornings which is great. They seem to be enjoying it immensely. It helps, of course, that we have had glorious sunshine every week since we began. Not sure how they will feel about playing in the cold and wet ;o)

Emily has started a tap class which runs after her ballet class, on Thursday afternoons, making it a very long and tiring day for her. She loves it though and I have a hard time getting the tap shoes off her feet! She also has extra ballet classes each week to prepare her for her Grade One exam next month. Oh and she received her first Brownie badge this week, very exciting, which she is very proud of. Must remember to sew it on.

DH has been busy putting the finishing touches to the playroom. It has been a long time coming together but I'm very pleased with how it has turned out and so are the children. It is certainly good for their sense of order after having nearly 2 years of having things moved about constantly!

I desperately need to get out in the garden and start the pre-winter tidy up. I did a bit last weekend but not enough. DH did an excellent job of tidying the shed so I can actually get in the door now!

The children are getting very excited by the idea of having some pet chickens but we've told them there is a fair bit of work to do before we take that step. We certainly need to replace the two wooden compost bins as they are completely rotten through. I'm considering getting a couple of Link-a-Board ones. Not as pretty as the wooden ones but much more durable and very low maintenance ;o)

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