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Friday, October 24, 2003

Millie was very pleased as they were talking about Diwali on the Tweenies this afternoon and Fizz had some Diwali sweets like the ones we made yesterday! Daddy surprised us both by getting home really early today...before Tweenies had even finished! Made up for him being late last night and all the extra stuff he had to do once home.

Nana and Grandad are coming down tonight but won't get here till about 2am! They are coming to babysit as Mick and i are going to a friends party tomorrow night. It is in London so we thought it would be easiest if we stayed overnight so we have booked into a hotel. It is the first time in three years that we will have been apart from Millie overnight!!! Whilst i am completely satisfied that *she* will be fine about it (prob won't even notice we've gone, lol) i still can't help feeling that i'd rather come back early as i'll miss her :o(

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