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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Have not had much to tell of late as we have been away for a few days.
Yesterday we took a trip to the library but unfortunately i timed it badly and we only got 15mins before it closed. Still we managed to get a few books including a Farmyard Tales one (faves in this house). In the afternoon mouse slept until 3.45pm!!! I had completely lost track of time, which of course meant she didn't want to go to bed so we had an evening breadmaking session.

This morning we have been making Diwali sweets, fancied a change from crispie cakes and fairy cakes. It was VERY messy and not hugely sucessfull in the beginning but after a few extra spoons of nuts here and a few extra spoons of coconut there we had something fairly rollable. They taste yummy but are soooo sweet i think we will only manage to eat one a day. Which means we should have finished them come Christmas :o/

The Naked Chef

The finished product

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