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Sunday, November 23, 2003

Friday was a trip to toddler group as usual. M headed straight for the bikes (as usual). We'll have to see about getting her one for next summer i think.

Saturday was another horrid rainy day. Mick was feeling ill again which meant i had to go into town to get our weekly supply of olives and feta cheese from the market- they are the best! As i was there i had a look round the shops. Noticed the ELC dolls house is only £32 now which i thought was a bargain. I phoned Mick up to tell him so but he just said "erm i think you have bought enough for her already" and of course he is right. It is hard as her birthday is just 2 days before Christmas so it means she has (i have) to go a whole year between presents. We have already got her some Plan Toys dolls house stuff (a bargain from TK Maxx) so i shall probably keep that until next year and get her a house then...assuming she wants one. She isn't a very *girly* girl.

Sunday was yet another rainy day - grrr - so we were stuck inside yet again. I decided it was time for a mass house tidy but didn't get much done as i got bored. Played dominos with Millie in the afternoon, she's getting the hang of it. Also, "Concentration" with some cards that i printed off the Jan Brett website. She is really good at this game and has played it lots by herself. Today we played it together and she wasn't so keen. Hasn't quite grasped the concept of turn taking and got quite cross when i said it was my go!

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