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Friday, November 07, 2003

What has happened this week???
Well Daddy went back to work Monday...and came back 20mins later as he still felt rubbish, poor thing. Can't remember what Millie and i did. Tuesday we went to toddler group as usual. They had the paints out and some sponges to print with which she enjoyed. Cannot remember what happened Wednesday either, am hopeless. Thursday was a trip up town in the morning. I took her to Clarks to have her feet measured, 6 1/2 E, i swear they haven't grown for ages!

After we went to the library. I had thought there was a storytelling session on but no. I must try and find out when they are. I took her a couple of times when she was younger but she was more interested in rolling all over the cushions than sitting and listening to the story. Anyway she chose some books and allowed me a few minutes to have a look too. I got a copy of Montessori's Own Handbook out. I felt it was about time i started reading her books if we are going to use Montessori! I have the Gettman book and have a basic understanding of what's involved (not that much of it sticks, my memory is appalling. Perhaps i should be reading Tony Buzan first, lol) but i would like to know more.

Also yesterday was the first time Millie has "written" her name. I was amazed as it is not something we have "taught" her. I always spell out the sounds of her name when writing it on one of her pictures (something a Montessori friend of mine mentioned) and yesterday she was spelling it out verbally whilst playing with her magnetic letters. I asked her if she wanted to write her name and she said "yes" and was very excited. I said "what is the first sound?" then "can you find that letter?" and so she did for her whole name. She is very keen to read also but i am a bit scared i have to admit. She is still very young and i don't want to appear to be pushing her, or start to introduce things now and then her get bored and yet i do want to do something as it has obviously captured her interest.

Oh and someone dropped the digital camera! It still works but you have to shove a tiny screwdiver in so that it knows the lens cover is off. Not hugely practical. so the blog will be picturless for a whiles i s'pose.

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