Friday, December 12, 2003

This week has been hard work. Millie has been in a really stubborn mood and has also been requiring constant attention and i have been really grouchy all week so things haven't been running too smoothly :o(

We have been doing lots of craft which has gone down well and Millie is great while we do this but the moment i have to cook dinner or something else that diverts attention from her she has been up to mischief! Its odd that she is like this at the moment as she has never been a needy child, not even when she was tiny. In fact if you tried to cuddle her for too long she soon started squirming, lol. It is as though she cannot be bothered to entertain herself anymore, if i am not around to do it for her the first thing she does is switch on the TV - which bugs me, but i'm trying to hide the fact!

We went to Rainbow this morning and that was good (apart from getting soaked on the way there). This afternoon we are supposed to be making more mince pies.

This snowman was one of my faves from this week. I did one step-by-step and she followed really well. In fact hers was better than mine!

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