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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Things are very hectic here at the mo. I'm trying to get all the last minute things done for Christmas before my family start arriving on Sunday, as well as organising a little birthday lunch for Millie on Friday. It is not actually her birthday until next Tuesday but i thought it would be nice for her to have a little party with her friends before she is surrounded by adults! So *we* haven't been doing much except for the odd crafty thing but i have been running about in a state of mild panic. I'm very pleased to say that Millie's behaviour has improved a fair bit from last week. We went out to lunch on Sunday, at a friends house, and she was perfectly behaved and has been good ever since - phew!

I finished King Winter the other night (whilst skillfully avoiding important jobs) and so we have put him on our winter nature table. I have still got the icicle and snowdrop children to make but suspect they won't get started until the New Year. M adores King Winter even if i did go a bit mad with the hair, lol, i think he looks a bit like a yeti!

King Winter

Winter Nature Table

Oh and btw, "Rainbow" is the name of our toddler group Sarah.

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