Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Very pleased today as i got a phone call this morning from a company willing to supply me with some Montessori insets. I have been trying to get hold of these for almost a year and had no luck. People either didn't want to sell me them because i am not part of a school or they just ignored my emails completely - very rude!!! Anyway, i have now ordered them, yay!

I ran up some simple little calico bags on the sewing machine today, to use as party bags for Friday.I wrote the name of each child on them (there are only three coming) and then i gave the fabric crayons to Millie to decorate the rest of them. They look really good i think. I'm going to make up a bulb planting kit to put inside.

Millie has made a beautiful mask using stuff from the MudPud kit, i might have to pinch it!

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