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Friday, January 16, 2004

Well i seem to have gotten out of the blogging habit [must try harder]. We were away for a large chunk of last week up at my parents, and this week we have been busy, so that is my excuse.

I am trying to introduce more Montessori things, now M has reached the magic age of 3 i thought it was about time! Fell at the first hurdle though as she didn't like the Sandpaper letters, "too rough", so i have to sort that before we continue with them. She knows loads of letter sounds now,constantly amazes me, and is really keen to read. The insets that i sent for before Christmas have been used a fair bit (not presented them properly though) she prefers to draw round the pink frames as she finds holding the inset still tricky. She is SUCH a perfectionist and expects to do everything perfect first time or she sulks - eek!

I got my laminator for my birthday so am busy finishing off the classified cards i started months and months is soooo much quicker than sticky backed plastic :o)

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