Thursday, January 22, 2004

How is it you can go onto Ebay to look for one thing and the next thing you know a whole hour has passed....or two!

We have been quite productive this week. We went to the library last Friday and amongst other things we got the CBBC book that went with the "Life in the Freezer" series that they did. On the way to check the books out i noticed they had the videos of the series, so we got those too. M has really taken a big interest in them...particularly the penguins. We/she has done a couple of Antarctica collages. We have done experiments to illustrate how penguins keep warm and to see how Emperor penguins carry their eggs and we have made a little penguin factbook. She spent most of yesterday afternoon pretending to be a penguin and sliding along on her tummy, and i of course had to be a mummy penguin (not to mention Miss Hoolie, Archie, a giraffe, a rabbit and goodness knows who or what else. I seem to spend a large portion of my time these days "being" someone else).

I have done Montessori presentations of "pouring", "spooning" and cylinder block one this week. They didn't go so well so i will have to present them again i think. She watches (impatiently!) as i present the material and then when i offer her a turn she just does it however she feels, lol, and never puts the material back on the shelf. It will come in time i guess.

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