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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Had a lovely day today. The architect came round first thing and we sat around for a proper brainstorming of our ideas for the extension. We are limited in what we can do a) due to a tight budget and b) due to space. Going back would be ideal but this would mean the dining room would be without windows! So i think we have settled on out to the side and back from the kitchen (i realise this means absolutely nothing to those readers that have never seen our house! actually with my description it probably means very little to most....) So there you go. He has gone away to draw up various possiblities and we are very excited.

Friends arrived mid-morning for playdate. The three girls played well together bar a couple of strops from mine regarding sharing. I think it is an only child thing?? She is fine when we are elsewhere but when on home turf and it is her things to be shared, well that is a different matter entirely. It will just take time i guess.

After they had left Emily was exhausted so she had a little nap. Took me ages to wake her, had to bribe her with Arthur in the end. Then we went into the garden for an hour or so. Soooo nice to be able to go out at 5 and it to be light. We have had some lovely weather of late, makes me realize that we are now through the worst of it and Spring is just around the corner - YAY!!! I am *so* not a winter person.

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