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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I've noticed over the past few weeks that Millie is getting much better at entertaining herself. This morning she happily played with the playdoh whilst i did some much needed clutter busting. Then she spent 1/2 hour outside this afternoon pootling around whilst i made Pecan Apple Crumble (yum!). It was pouring with rain but she had a lovely time. Came in grubby as usual.

We finished "Fantastic Mr Fox" at the weekend so have now started "Esio Trot". I don't know if she wasn't really in the mood (very hyper) or whether the story didn't really grab her but she spent most of the time jumping around on the sofa. I think perhaps it is a bit old for her?? I don't know the story myself so am only going on what we have read so far. I will try again tomorrow and see how we get on.

We spent some time after this making an "all about me" book. I printed off some sheets from here. we have only done 3 pages so far. M did some colouring in. She seems a lot less careful at this than a few months back. She isn't really a big fan of colouring in, too impatient. I was exactly the same as a child.

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