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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Popped into town this morning and ended up staying out for four and a half hours!!! Spent quite a long time looking around various bookshops. Ended up buying "Fantastic Mr Fox" in WH Smith as after the success of "Giraffe the Pelly and Me" and "the Twits" i think she may like it (plus it was one of my faves as a child).

**update** It ihas been well received so far as we are already up to chapter 8 and now Daddy is reading it to her in the bath!

Also got "Noisy Farm", we already have the audio book but she tends not to listen to it much as she prefers to follow the story in a book while listening. It was a BOGO 1/2 Price.
We went into a couple of charity shops book hunting too but didn't find anything. M had a conversation with the man at the cash desk about how the money collection device in his desk was like a drainpipe going down to the sewers, lol. I like going into charity shops as the people who work there are always very chatty with M. She loves to talk to people but gets very hurt if they just ignore her, which they often do in other shops. She also loves to pay and the reciept is the most prized possession EVER!

After lunch at Costa we went to the park where she played in the sandpit for an hour or so (we HAVE to get one).

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