Friday, February 20, 2004

Thought i would post now as i probably won't get the chance later, DP is going to overhaul the PC so that is my weekend doomed to be one of misery and lots of cursing about drivers etc. Oh joy!

We went out early this morning (ie before 10...truely amazing for us) to post my brothers cards. It is Mark's birthday tomorrow and David's on Sunday. Hope you both have a lovely time in Leeds :o)

Met the postman on the way back and much excitement as he had a parcel for us from Ollipops Emily has always had those little leather shoes for kicking around the house in but as she gets bigger it is getting harder to find them in her size. We were amazed to find that Ollipops even do adult we all got a pair, LOL! I highly recommend them if you are not a slipper type person but like warm feet :o)

New Slippers

Sadly, mine do not have daisies on though

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