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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Well i have been particularly slack with my blogging once again!

We have been continuing with the polar theme and have moved from Antarctica to the Arctic. I am going to put all the stuff we have done into a lapbook, probably at the end of this week. I'll post some pics when it's complete.

We have also been talking about winter in the UK, hibernating animals and why it is important to feed the birds. We also made a bird feeder... stringing together some peanuts, apple and raisins.

Then it snowed!!! Millie was soooo excited and thought it was Christmas, lol. She played out in it a little (pretending to be a penguin, scooting along on her tummy) but soon became cold. Think she realised being a penguin wouldn't be that much fun after all.

Yesterday we did some felting and made a little ball. We started with a little bell (left over from the MP craft kit) and wrapped it in carded wool fleece.

Then i got Millie to wrap different colours of fairy wool around the base ball

We needle felted it a little (under VERY close supervision!)to help hold it together

Here's what it looked like when we had finished

Then we put it in the washing machine on hot, followed by a drying cycle on hot. This makes the wool matt together really tight, so you get a ball that bounces quite nigely :o)

The finished ball

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