Thursday, March 04, 2004

Another busy day. Up early as we were looking after L's younger two whilst they went to look at a school for H. They came back saying it was quite nice... as schools go but neither of them were hugely keen. H, on the other hand thought it was great!

P stayed to play for the rest of the day and both girls got on well for the most part. There were some sharing issues, but i think emily just thought it was easier to play nice in the end (and much more fun than being sulky).

Went out for tea with L and Co and they asked me if i would like to be D's Godmother, which i was really thrilled about :o)

More Roald Dahl befor bed...The Enormous Crocodile, I never realised it had the Roly-Poly Bird and Mugglewump from The Twits in it before.

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