Saturday, March 06, 2004

Today was one of those days when you wonder where the heck it went. We went up town in the morning as i wanted to get a couple of cheap globes from WH Smith to use as Continent and Land & Water globes. We then went to a fayre put on by our local health food store. Quite interesting but was really busy and Emily was getting ready for her lunch so didn't get a real good look at things. Went to Pizza Express for lunch and E fell asleep on my lap, bless. On the way home we nipped into Halfords to LOOK at bikes for E...ended up buying her one (DP is such a softie). She was a bit miffed when we didn't actually get to take it home though, thought she was having the display model! Once i had explained that we would go and collect tomorrow she was fine. We ended up getting home at about 3.30pm!! Had intended to get into the garden today..oh well.

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